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The Romans invaded Britain in the 1st century AD, and defeated the Pictish leader Calgacus at Mons Graupius in 84 A.D.. They called their conquested land Brittania. Due to attacks by fierce tribes in the north, a long stone wall was built across the island by Emperor Hadrian to keep these tribes at bay. Parts of Hadrian's Wall still stand on the Scottish border. The Romans still struggled to deal with the northern tribes and by 211 A.D., they had retreated behind Hadrian's wall and by 410 A.D. they had left Britain for good.

Scotland means “Land of the Scots”. The Scots were a tribe of Celts who emigrated from Ireland sometime in the 5th century.

By the 6th century four Kingdoms had developed in what is now Scotland; The Picts, The Scots, The Britons, and The Angles. For the next 200 years these four kingdoms struggled with Viking raiding parties, until in the 9th century the King of Dalraida, Kenneth MacAlpin, fought his way to a united Scotland. His Grandson, Duncan I, became the first King of Scotland in 1035.

Today, Scotland is a country in Northern Great Britain, and consequently a part of the United Kingdom. In an act of union with England in 1707, England and Scotland permanently joined to form Great Britain. Although Scotland is technically a part of the United Kingdom, there is some desire for separation from Great Britain, and in 1999, Scotland succeeded in gaining its own Parliament.

Capital: Edinburgh
Largest City: Glasgow
Population: 5,168,500
Area: 30,414 sq mi
Highest Point: Ben Nevis - 4,409 ft
Lowest Point: Sea Level
Time Zones: Pacific: UTC 0/+1

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom Travel Guide
Edinburgh, United Kingdom Travel Guide
Edinburgh is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city located in Scotland, UK. It is the second largest city after Glasgow and is second only to London as the most popular tourist destination in the UK, attracting about 1 million visitors per year. Youthful and effervescent, Edinburgh is a fun and exciting city to visit and a world class golf destination.

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