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Hawaii is the newest of the 50 U.S. states, and is the only state made up entirely of islands. It is located on an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental United States, southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia. Its capital is Honolulu on the island of O'ahu. The state encompasses nearly the entire volcanic Hawaiian Island chain, which comprises hundreds of islands spread over 1,500 miles (2,400 km). At the southeastern end of the archipelago, the eight "main islands" are (from the northwest to southeast) Ni'ihau, Kaua'i, O'ahu, Moloka'i, Lāna'i, Kaho'olawe, Maui, and Hawai'i. The last is by far the largest and is often called the "Big Island". Because of it's weather and beaches, the Hawaiian Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S..

Nickname: The Aloha State
Population: 1,288,198 (42nd)
Capital/Largest City: Honolulu (909,863)
Area: 10,931 square miles (43rd)
Highest Point: Mauna Kea - 13,796 feet
Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean - Sea level
Bird: Nene
Flower: Hibiscus or Pua Aloalo
Admission to Union: August 21, 1959 (50th)
Time Zone: Hawaii: UTC-10

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Hawaii, Hawaii Travel Guide
Hawaii, Hawaii Travel Guide
Hawai'i, or the "Big Island", is the largest island in the Hawaiian island chain, in fact, it is twice the size of all of the other islands combined. It is known for it's rugged beauty and contrasts incorporating arid desert and waterfalls, sandy beaches and snow capped summits, active volcanoes, and rainforests.

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Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide
Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide Hot
Lush and exotic, Kauai is known as "The Garden State". Kauai is the oldest and the fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands, approximately 552 square miles. Kauai has been the backdrop to many films because of its lush beauty.

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Lanai, Hawaii Travel Guide
Lanai, Hawaii Travel Guide
Lanai is a good destination for those who want to get away from it all. There are no traffic lights on the 30 miles of paved roads or the 400 miles of 4-wheel drive accessible trails that are used to access many of the island's attractions. Yet, Lanai is home to 2 Four Seasons resorts which provide a wealth of modern amenities and activities.

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Maui, Hawaii Travel Guide
Maui, Hawaii Travel Guide
Maui is a stunning island with a kaleidoscope of natural sights and there is a huge variety in the scenery depending on where on the island you are. Don't miss the rainforests and waterfalls in Hana, the summit and mars looking crater of Haleakala, and the idyllic beaches of West and South Maui.

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Oahu, Hawaii Travel Guide
Oahu, Hawaii Travel Guide
Oh, Oahu! Nicknamed "The Gathering Place", it is the most visited of all the Hawaiian islands and consequently, the most developed. Oahu is home to Hawaii's capital, Honolulu, which is a teeming and
cosmopolitan city with all the big city amenities.

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